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We — just 🐈* studio

illustrators and web-designers user experience specialists user interface designers freelance artists and project managers.

living in vicinity of St. Petersburg (Russia 🇷🇺) Prague (Czech Republic 🇨🇿) Budapest (Hungary 🇭🇺)
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Our main site is in deep development …
So we want to say a big thank you to the nice guys from ⚡🛒 QuickStore.dev for helping us create this beautiful page! You are the best

Favorite projects

Quality implementation. Real results, meow :3

Prototyping is a head

Before you get to work, you have to research, measure, re-examine, and figure out a plan of action. After that, create a prototype and do it all over again.

Beautiful design for all occasions and other stuff

Once all the prototypes are ready, you can start creating a juicy, fresh, forest berry-flavored design for your page, website, app, or whatever it is you have 💕

just cat studio
Quality implementation. Real results, meow :3

Our work is tested and supported by the feline scientific community, but it's not certain 🐈